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Rhode Island Wrongful Death Lawyer

Representing Families of People Killed in Accidents

Negligent behavior on the roads, on construction sites and elsewhere can have serious consequences, up to and including death. If you've lost a loved one due to another person or company's negligence, you may have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim.

I'm Richard Tallo, a Rhode Island trial attorney experienced at representing families seeking answers and accountability after fatal accidents. If you are interested in talking to a lawyer about your options, contact me at my offices in Providence. I charge no attorneys fees unless you decide to retain me and I am successful at helping you obtain a verdict or settlement.

Giving You the Opportunity to Pursue Justice

I understand that grieving families are under a lot of stress, and my goal is to provide you with information you can use to decide what course of action is best for you. My clients who have chosen to pursue wrongful death claims have done so for a variety of different reasons.

Under Rhode Island law, if you can prove that someone's death was caused by negligence, the minimum recovery is $250,000, and the actual result can be much higher.

Holding the responsible party legally and financially accountable can also uncover the truth about what happened and make it less likely to happen to others in the future.

Taking the Approach That Is Right for You

A wrongful death claim can be resolved through negotiating a settlement or through going to court. Whether you are ultimately prepared to take your claim to court is entirely up to you, but either way, you will want an attorney with trial experience representing your interests.

If you've lost a loved one in a construction site accident, car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or any other sort of incident, don't hesitate to contact me to learn more about your options for bringing a wrongful death claim. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Se habla español.

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